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ADDED  19.07.2014.

Alan Brando - Don't Let My Heart Say Goodbye (Traducida al Espanol).mp3
Albert One - Sing A Song Now Now 2014 (Original Mix).mp3
Automat 428 - Silence Is Magic (Special Long Version) 2014.mp3
Bonfeel Electro Band - I Dont Know 2014 (Instrumental Original Mix).mp3
D White - No Connect 2014 ( Extended Wow! Original Rmx Dj. Manuel Rios).mp3
De-De-Mo - 'Cause I Need You 'Cause I Love You (Flemming Dalum Remix).mp3
Julio 2014 (Especial De Aniversario Dj. Manuel Rios).mp3
L.D.M.T - Italo 2014 (Spacesynth Remix).mp3
Max mix 30 Anos 2014 (Version Megamix).mp3
Modern Boots - Megamix 2014 (Van Der Koy).mp3
Moving Heroes - Shadow 2014 (Single).mp3
Namesakes, The Meet. Savagae Feat. Asia Ash - Only You '14 (30th Anniversary Mix).mp3
PSY- Gentlemen 2014 (DJ Hammerhead Italo Disco Remix).mp3
Riccardo Campa - Ah Ah Ah (Tough Guy Mix).mp3
Van Der Koy - Amateras Megamix.mp3
Vanello - Rock The Space 2014 (New Version).mp3
Void Vision - Sour 2014 (Vanzetti & Sacco Remix).mp3

              Disco Super Beat 2014

Airdrops - Dancing Crazy.mp3
Aldo Lesina - Goodbye (Extended Power Mix).mp3
Baby Alice - Pina Colada Boy.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman (Via 65 Remix).mp3
Bonfeel Electro Band - Remember Me.mp3
Bonfeel Electro Band - Stranger.mp3
C.C.Catch - Jump In My Car (Baart'B Bootleg).mp3
Devil - Come and look my Heart.mp3
Discobonus - Energy (Maxi).mp3
Dj Peter Project - Doo be doo.mp3
Euro Latin Beats feat. Vito Eme - Morenaza.mp3
Faydee - Can't Let Go.mp3
Fresh Fox - Salute Cherie.mp3
Graziano - Jerba (I Venti d'Azzurro Acapella Edit 2014).mp3
Gurcan Erdem feat. Lady Gaga - Monster (M.D.Project New Disco Mix).mp3
Indila - Run Run.mp3
Ivan Fillini feat. Miani - Fiky Fiky.mp3
Jock Hattle Band - To Be Or Not To Be (UltraTraxx Maxi Mix).mp3
Joy - Touch By Touch (Baart'B Bootleg).mp3
Key West - Sorry Sorry Sorry (Ocean Drive Mix).mp3
Laurent Wolf feat. Eric Carter - Kill The Beast (Radio Edit).mp3
Lian Ross & TQ - All We Need Is Love.mp3
M2o Team vs Emi - La Canzone Delle State.mp3
M@rgO feat. Mode One - My Love in your Heart (Disco Version).mp3
Marc Korn feat. Miani -Elena.mp3
Mark Ashley - Love Is Like The Sea.mp3
Medina feat. Arash - Doga Doga.mp3
Modern Talking - YMHYMS (Itamar Moraz Remix).mp3
Moderno & Vanello - My Angel (Italo Dance 2014).mp3
Moving Heroes - Shadow.mp3
Mr. President - Coco Jambo (DJ BARS & DJ MegaSound Remix).mp3
Ola - I'm In Love.mp3
Rocky M - Fly With Me To Wonderland (2014 DJ-Mix).mp3
Roller Idol feat. Bonfeel Electro Band - Devil Lady (Extended Mix).mp3
Siberian Heat - Dont Stop The Music.mp3
Synthgo - Let me hear your heartbeat.mp3
System Mirage - Play Me The Bolero.mp3
Tam Harrow - Idiot.mp3
Thomas Anders - Everybody Wants To Rule The World.mp3
Tom Boxer & Morena feat. Sirreal - Las Vegas.mp3

          Guilner - Galaxy of Terror 2014 (Promotional tracks)

01 Guilner - Now.mp3
02 Guilner - Magnetar.mp3
03 Guilner - Galaxy of Terror.mp3
04 Guilner - Galaxy of Terror (Instrumental mix).mp3

              Samara Boot Mix 15 (2014)

01 Baltimor Y Picador (Version Megamix).mp3
02 Baltimor Y Picador (Version Minimix) (MK-60 Edit).mp3
03 Devkoteka 80.mp3
04 I Still Want Ya (MK-60 Medley).mp3

ADDED 30.06.2014.

Bolero Mix Vol.30  2014
Adya & Manuel Palomo vs Facts & Fiction - Ma M‚lodie te Chante D'amour.mp3
Alexia - Number One (SZMC 2.14 Remix) 2014.mp3
AMATERAS & Marc Eliow - Electronic Brain 2014.mp3
AMATERAS - Alone in the space 2014.mp3
AMATERAS - Blue Moon (Instrumental).mp3
AMATERAS - Cosmos Line.mp3
AMATERAS - Infectious .mp3
AMATERAS - When I Visitors F Planet Then I Miss You! 2014.mp3
Andreas Martin ft. Bad Boys Blue - Samstag Nacht-For Your Love (Extended UltraTraxx Fox Mix).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman (Remix 2014).mp3
Bastille vs TRENO! - Pompeii (Italo Disco mix).mp3
Blue Star Project - Open Your Heart ( Extended Version ) 2014.mp3
Blue Star Project - Stay The Night ( Maxi Single ) 2014.mp3
Blue System - Gangster Love (DJ Master Traxx Extended Beltz Version1).mp3
Blue System - Lucifer (Longer UltraTraxx Remix).mp3
Blue System - Try The Impossible (impossible dream mix ft. 7or8 ).mp3
Bonfeel Electro Band - Every Day ( 2014 ).mp3
Bonfeel Electro Band - Love You Forever ( 2014 ).mp3
Bonfeel Electro Band - Play Again ( 2014 ).mp3
Bonfeel Electro Band - Stranger ( 2014 ) .mp3
Boris Zhivago - Russian Girl (X-tended Summer Mixx) 2014.mp3
Casarano - Butterfly (X-tended Mixx).mp3
Chris - Think about the way ( 80's italo remix ).mp3
Circuit21 - Love In The Shadows 2014 (Cahill Remix).mp3
Cyber Space - Dancing In S.P.A.C.E. Spacesynth Mix.mp3
D.White - No Connect 2014.mp3
Dean Corporation - App Me 2014.mp3
Dieter Bohlen Projects - Indian Groove 2014 (Classic Mix).mp3
Dieter Bohlen Projects - Indian Groove 2014 (Synthpop Mix).mp3
DIGITALO - Digitalo (ZYX Version).mp3
DiscoBonus - Do You Want To Live Forever.mp3
DreamRider (Amateras & Kata Space) - Time Revolution (Spacesynth Rider Version).mp3
Elario Dante - One Day (X-tended Long Version) 2014.mp3
Extragalactic - Turn Of The Century 2014.mp3
Forza - New Generation (The Otherworld).mp3
Fred Ventura - Don't Give Up (Italoconnection Remix).mp3
Fred Ventura - Don't Give Up (Original Mix).mp3
Fresh Fox & Marco Lessentin - Deine Augen (FRESH FOX Mix).mp3
Fresh Fox - Deine Augen (instrumental).mp3
Holomatrix - Enemy Attack 2014.mp3
Holomatrix - Megamix Vol. 1.mp3
Holomatrix - Megamix Vol. 2.mp3
Houdini - Temptation 2014.mp3
Italo Disco In The Mix For New Generation Vol.02  2014.mp3
Italo Megassesion Vol.4 [ 2014 ].mp3
Italoconnection - Subway Lovers (Extended Version).mp3
Italover - Disco Night (New Version) 2014.mp3
Italover - Summer Romance 2014.mp3
JohnnyM5 - Rain Rain Rain (instrumental).mp3
JohnnyM5 - Release Me (Dance Mix).mp3
JohnnyM5 - You are All .mp3
JSC - 8Bit Mission MR Vain .mp3
Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once 2014.mp3
Kylie Minogue - Les Sex .mp3
Kylie Minogue - Les Sex 2014 (DJ MASTER TRAXX MAXI ALBUM MIX).mp3
Kylie Minogue - Million Miles.mp3
Lee Marrow - Megamix 2014.mp3
Les McKeown - She's A Lady (X Tended UltraTraxx Retro Mix).mp3
Linda Jo Rizzo - USSR ( Intro with Russian Choir ).mp3
Linda Jo Rizzo - USSR.mp3
Marco Rochowski - Classic LD Style Megamix.mp3
Mflex - ...Not War!.mp3
Mflex - Waiting All Night 2014.mp3
Miko Mission - Let It Be Love (talo Disco Remix 2014).mp3
Mirror Of Your Soul A Nonstop Mixx 2014.mp3
Miss Plug Inn -- You And I.mp3
Mode One Short Mix 2014.mp3
Modern Talking - Atlantis Is Calling (2014 DJ NIKOLAY-D Remix).mp3
Modern Talking - Do You Wanna 2014 (Special Extended UltraTraxx Mix).mp3
Modern Talking - Geronimo's Cadillac (UltraTraxx Mix 2014).mp3
Modern Talking - Jet Airliner 2014 ( DJ NIKOLAY-D Remix).mp3
Moving Heroes - Shadow 2014 (Single).mp3
Nea! - Magic Mystery 2014 (Jetzt_Heute Hier).mp3
New Italo Disco Megamix 2014 Vol.2.mp3
Night Fox - Endless Night 2014.mp3
Patty Ryan - Stay with me Tonight (2014 Dj Master Traxx Extended Italo Long Mix).mp3
Red N Ready - Hold On Tight 2014 (Modern Talking Style Demo Version).mp3
RetroSynther - Technocity 2014.mp3
RiZoNe - Unknown Spacesynth 2014.mp3
Roller Idol Feat. Bonfeel Electro Band - So Many Days 2014 (Special Long Version).mp3
Romantic Avenue - Two Hearts, One Goodbye 2014.mp3
Sabrina - Colour me 2014.mp3
Sandra - Japan Ist Weit 2014 (ULTRASOUND RE-EXTENDED DANCE MIX).mp3
Sky Van Dreamer - Princess Of Venus 2014.mp3
SMDB SpaceSynth Mix - 3 from 4 (Area 51, Galactic Warriors, Rygar, Proxyon).mp3
Space Laser - Magic 2014.mp3
Spacesynth4ever Mix Vol.VII  2014.mp3
Steve Burbon - Italo Dream 2014.mp3
Synthesis - Gravity 2014.mp3
The Crosslines - My Secret Love 2014.mp3
The Namesakes meet Savage feat. Asia Ash - Only You 2014 (30th Anniversary Remix).mp3
Thomas Anders - Everybody Wants To Rule The World 2014.mp3
Van Der Koy - Den Harrow Megamix 2014.mp3

Evgene Ikonnikov - Hello From The Past

01. Evgene Ikonnikov - Let The Music Play.mp3
02, Evgene Ikonnikov - Hello From The Past.mp3
03. Evgene Ikonnikov - Among The Stars.mp3
04. Evgene Ikonnikov - Fantasy.mp3
05. Evgene Ikonnikov - What Do You Feel.mp3
06. Evgene Ikonnikov - Chernobyl.mp3
07. Evgene Ikonnikov - Money.mp3
08. Evgene Ikonnikov - Feel The Rhythm.mp3
09. Evgene Ikonnikov - Zaraza.mp3
10. Evgene Ikonnikov - Synthetic Impulse.mp3
11. Evgene Ikonnikov - Olympia.mp3
12. Evgene Ikonnikov - Positive Charge.mp3
13. Evgene Ikonnikov - Find The Words.mp3
14. Evgene Ikonnikov - Kinder Surprise.mp3
15. Evgene Ikonnikov - Feel Space Of Your Dreams.mp3

Super Eurobeat Vol. 228 (2014)

00. VA - Super Eurobeat Vol. 227 [2014].m3u
01. Hotblade - I'm Your Sexy Machine.mp3
02. Wildside - Get Somebody to Love Him.mp3
03. Ultraviolet - You Belong to Me.mp3
04. Mako - Mad Desire (Platinum Version).mp3
05. Boris - One Love One Love.mp3
06. Dee Dee Wonder - Operation Casablanca.mp3
07. Leslie Parrish - King of The Century.mp3
08. Paul Harris - Motor Racing Master.mp3
09. Oceania - Learning Love.mp3
10. Jeff Driller - Drill-O-Man.mp3
11. Rich Hard - Catching The Fire.mp3
12. Pamsy - Give a New Go.mp3
13. David Dima - Liar.mp3
14. Leo River - Ready to Love.mp3
15. Megan - The Winner Is Me.mp3

ADDED 21.04.2014.

Alan Brando - Love Is Always On My Mind

01-Love Is Always On My Mind (Long Version).mp3
02-Love Is Always On My Mind (Instrumental Version).mp3
03-Love Is Always On My Mind (Short Version).mp3
04-Love Is Always On My Mind (Orchestra Version).mp3
05-Love Is Always On My Mind (Romantic Version).mp3
06-Love Is Always On My Mind (Nineties Version).mp3

Marco Polo - Dancing All The Night (2014)

01-Dancing All The Night (Dance Mix).mp3
02-Dancing All The Night (Instrumental Nix).mp3
03-Dancing All The Night (Short Dance Mix).mp3
04-Dancing All The Night (Last Dance Mix).mp3
05-Dancing All The Night (BPM Mix).mp3
06-Dancing All The Night (Nineties Mix).mp3

Fancy - I Should Have Known Better (Maxi-Single)

01-I Should Have Known Better.mp3
02-I Should Have Known Better (Radio Cut).mp3
03-After Midnight (DJ John 4 Ever Remix).mp3

From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. VII

CD - 1

01-Roller Idol Feat Bonfeel Electro Band - Devil Lady (Extended Mix).mp3
02-Savage - Save Me (Flashback Remix).mp3
03-SuperVox - The Voices (SP Records Version).mp3
04-Marc Fruttero - A Brand New Day (Extended Version).mp3
05-Modern Boots - Tears Of A Broken Heart (Extended Version).mp3
06-Goldy Push - Flexible Love (Extended Mix).mp3
07-Bunny X - Berlin In December.mp3
08-Travel Sex - Plastic Doll (Extended Version).mp3
09-The Crosslines - In The Heaven Of The Night (SP Records Version).mp3
10-Brian Ice - Inside My Lonely Night (Extended Version).mp3
11-Male Room - Macho Girl (12'' Version).mp3
12-James Manoro - Another Lie (Vocal Version).mp3

CD - 2

01-Dean Corporation - App Me (Italo Dance Mix).mp3
02-Ken Martina - Fool For Love (Short Extended Version).mp3
03-Alan Brando - Don't Let My Heart Say Goodbye (Vocal Mix).mp3
04-Automat 428 - Silence Is Magic (Disco Mix).mp3
05-Boris Zhivago - Deep In My Heart (Short Extended Vintage Mix).mp3
06-Casarano - Butterfly (Extended Version).mp3
07-Michael Rimini - Summertime In My Heart (Extended Version).mp3
08-Casanova - I Love You (Love Mix).mp3
09-Tommy Sun - Love (Fading Away In Time) (Short Extended Dance Mix).mp3
10-Aldo Lesina - Goodbye (Extended Power Mix).mp3
11-Boy Blue - Hold Me In Your Heart (Maxi Version).mp3
12-Valerie Star - Call My Name (Extended Version).mp3

ADDED 14.04.2014.

A Visitor From Another Meaning Feat. Fred Ventura - Neon Lights 2014 (Original version).mp3
Travel Sex - Plastic Doll.mp3
Alan Brando - Love is always on my mind 2014 (Nineties Version).mp3
Blue System - My Bed Is Too Big  2014 (Remix).mp3
Blue System - Try the impossible 2014 (impossible dream mix ft. 7or8 ).mp3
C.C.Catch - Jump in My Car 2014 (Remix).mp3
Geo - Neverending Dream 2014 ( 80s Synthpop ).mp3
Holomatrix - Enemy Attack 2014.mp3
Italobox ft. Retrosynther - My dream 2014 (space synth remix).mp3
Ken Laszlo, Fred Ventura & TQ - In The Night 2014 (Electrify Re - Edit).mp3
Ken Laszlo, Fred Ventura & TQ - In The Night 2014.mp3
Ken Martina - Goodbye 2014 [Last Nite Version].mp3
Lian Ross & TQ - All We Need Is Love 2014 (DJ MASTER TRAXX NEW ITALO EXTENDED SOUND MIX).mp3
Machinegevehr Feat. Gees Voorhees - Abhinanda 2014.mp3
Marc Eliow - Bang You Head 2014 (Extended Mix).mp3
Modern Talking - Atlantis is Calling (Mc dgorrdanno extended wave version).mp3
Modern Talking - Rain In My Heart 2014.mp3
Sellorekt LA Dreams - Light Speed 2014.mp3


1-Dream Mode (Italover) - Dream Girl (Extended Version).mp3
2-Graziano - Jerba  (I Venti d'Azzurro Acapella Edit 2014).mp3
3-Jaco - Hey Operator (Rum Version by Mention).mp3
4-Brian Ice - Inside My Lonely Nights (Vocal Version).mp3
5-Lian Ross & TQ - All We Need Is Love.mp3
6-Eurotix - We Could Have Been.mp3
7-Joey Mauro - Black And White Dreams.mp3
8-Leslie Mandoki & Csepregi Eva - Korea (Another Version) '88.mp3
9-Tobias Bernstrup - Images Of Love.mp3
10-Energy Voice - Call Me (Haliday Remix).mp3
11-M@rgO feat Mode One - My Love in your Heart(Disco Version).mp3
12-Max Coveri - Guy Guy Guy (Extended Version ).mp3
13-Estimado - Yes You One.mp3
14-Pulse 80 - Cruise Along The Night Coast.mp3
15-Marce - I Want You (12'' Version).mp3
16-Jan Demis - Preludio.mp3
17-Time - Selling Song.mp3
18-Dream Mode (Italover) - Tonight In Love (Original Version).mp3
19-Gurcan Erdem feat. Lady Gaga - Monster (M.D.Project New Disco Mix).mp3
20-Newretro - Muzyka Kotoroi Bolshe Net.mp3
21-Nick Letizia - Baby Blue (Long Mix).mp3

Bonus tracks:

1-Finzy Kontini-Cha Cha Cha (Dance Remix).mp3
2-Evelyn Thomas-High Energy (Remix 1990).mp3
3-OMD-Forever Live and Die (Extended Mix).mp3
4-Ken Laszlo-Tonight (Remix).mp3
5-Sabrina-Hot Girl (Dub Version).mp3
6-Samoa Park - Tubular Affair (12' Vocal Version).mp3
7-Scotch-Disco Band (New Remix).mp3
8-Off-Electrica Salsa (Salsa Inferno Remix).mp3
9-P Lion- Dream (Original Maxi Version).mp3

Linda Jo Rizzo feat. Fancy - Stronger Together (Maxi-Single) 2014

01. Linda Jo Rizzo feat. Fancy - Stronger Together (Maxi Version)
02. Linda Jo Rizzo feat. Fancy - Stronger Together (Video Version)
03. Linda Jo Rizzo feat. Fancy - Stronger Together (Italo Disco Remix)

ADDED  30.03.2014.

BIRIZDO I AM - Unbelievable 2014.mp3
Fresh Fox & Marco Lessentin - Fieber der Nacht (Dj Master Traxx Extended Disco Fox Mix 2014).mp3
Fresh Fox - Life Was Made For Me (Maxi for Mix 2014).mp3
Italo4ever (Feat.Tristan Woodroffe) - Don't stop tonight.mp3
Machinista - Salvation 2014.mp3
Max Tango - The Tango 2014.mp3
Mode One - Queen of my Heart 2014 (Dj Master Traxx Extended Italo Mix).mp3
Riccardo Campa - Japanese doll 2014.mp3
Spagna - The Magic of Love 2014.mp3

Linda Jo Rizzo - Don't Let Me Down 2014

01-Linda Jo Rizzo - Don't Let Me Down.mp3
02-Linda Jo Rizzo - Fly Me High 2014.mp3
03-Linda Jo Rizzo - Just One Word 2014.mp3
04-Linda Jo Rizzo - I've Got The Night 2014.mp3

Guilner - In Two 2014

Guilner - In Two (Beto Pedrosa remix).mp3
Guilner - In Two (GMGN remix).mp3
Guilner - In Two (Grabo'sky remix).mp3
Guilner - In Two (original mix).mp3

ADDED 24.03.2014.

Mode One & M@rgO - My Love in Your Heart 2014 (Disco Mix).mp3
Top One - Valentino Mon Amour 2014.mp3
Alanas Chosnau - Mano Juokas 2014.mp3
Cyber Space - Midnight Daydream 2014.mp3
D.J. Savage - Another Mixx 2014.mp3
Elario Dante - One day (Dub Version) .mp3
Exciting Valence - Streets Of Destiny .mp3
Forward - Follow You ( Instrumental mix ).mp3
Larabell - Passion (Video version).mp3
Max Tango - Freedom 2014.mp3
Queen Boys feat Gloria B. Vega - Queen Forever.mp3
Remote Beat - Energy Of Life (Radio Edit) 2014.mp3
SuperVox - Blue Rose 2014.mp3
SuperVox - Return To Reality 2014.mp3
Time Machine Featuring Albert One - Cold As Ice ( Another Version ).mp3

Marcel De Van - It's Magic (2014)

01. Marcel De Van - Vocoder World.mp3
02. Marcel De Van - Technology.mp3
03. Marcel De Van - The New Beautiful Day (Coughmix).mp3
04. Marcel De Van - The Run (Maxi Edit - 80s Italo Art).mp3
05. Marcel De Van - Marco Polo (Die Reise - Part I).mp3
06. Marcel De Van - Opportunity.mp3
07. Marcel De Van - Universum Of Love (Back To The 80s).mp3
08. Marcel De Van - Ultimate (80s Art Mix).mp3
09. Marcel De Van - Day Of Dreams (Vocoder Dance Edit).mp3
10. Marcel De Van - Pump Up The Volume.mp3
11. Marcel De Van - The World Of Peace And Harmony (Maxi Version).mp3
12. Marcel De Van - Face To Face.mp3
13. Marcel De Van - Can You Feel Desire (Bonus Track) (By Sonar Power).mp3
14. Marcel De Van - Flight (K.Traxxx Remix).mp3

Marco Polo - Don't Stop

01-Don't Stop (Disco Mix).mp3       02-Don't Stop (Instrumental Mix).mp3
03-Don't Stop (Radio Mix).mp3          04-Don't Stop (Last Mix).mp3
05-Don't Stop (Hyper Mix).mp3          06-Don't Stop (Italo Mix).mp3

Alan Brando - Heartbeat

01-Heartbeat (Vocal Version).mp3
02-Heartbeat (Instrumental Version).mp3
03-Heartbeat (Radio Version).mp3
04-Heartbeat (Last Version).mp3
05-Heartbeat (Vocal Club Version).mp3
06-Heartbeat (Instrumental  Club Version).mp3
07-Heartbeat (Radio Club Version).mp3
08-Heartbeat (Last Club Version).mp3

Clay Productions Maxi Vol.1

01 - Italobox - Italo Forever (Radio Version).wav
02 - Italobox - Italo Forever (Extended Version).wav
03 - Italobox - Italo Forever (Extended Dub Version).wav
04 - Energy Voice - Call Me (Radio Mix).wav
05 - Energy Voice - Call Me (Special Extended Mix).wav
06 - Energy Voice - Call Me (Dub Mix).wav
07 - Discoservice - Another Day (Extended Vocal Mix).wav
08 - Energy Voice - Call Me (Ernesto Disco Remix).wav
09 - Energy Voice - Call Me (SZMC Remix).wav
10 - Energy Voice - Call Me (Haliday Remix).wav
11 - Energy Voice - Call Me (Loni Cash Mix).wav
12 - Energy Voice - Call Me (Euromix 95 By Retrosynther).wav
13 - Energy Voice - Call Me (Acoustic Version).wav

Italian Style vol.71 (2014)

01 Ken Martina - Cinderella (DJ Extended Mix).mp3
02 Angelica Rose - My Love Is Always Forever (Milano Edit.mp3
03 Ranger - Don't Play Games With Me (Extended NRG Mix).mp3
04 Momento - I Used To Be (Extended NRG Mix).mp3
05 Marco Bardi - My Romance (Club Version).mp3
06 Ken Martina - Memories (Magic Mix).mp3
07 Casarano ft. Elise Dean - Fairy Tale (In My Heart) (Fast Version).mp3
08 Alan Brando - Once Upon A Time (Italian Mix).mp3
09 R&M - Holiday (Fast Vintage Nineties Version).mp3
10 Boris Zhivago - Mona Lisa (Russian Cathedral Mix).mp3
11 Casanova - Holiday (Holiday Mix).mp3
12 Emy Care - Fly In The Sky (Lollipop Mix).mp3


VOL. 1

01 MADONNA - WHOS'S THAT GIRL (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
02 MADONNA - CAUSING A COMMOTION  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
03 MADONNA - LIKE A VIRGEN  (Version Extended Club Mix).mp3
04 MADONNA - ANGEL  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
05 MADONNA - MATERIAL GIRL  (Version Extended Club Mix 12'').mp3
06 MADONNA - VOGUE  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
07 MADONNA - DRESS YOU UP  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
08 MADONNA - LA ISLA BONITA  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
09 MADONNA - HOLIDAY  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
10 MADONNA - LIKE A PLAYER  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
11 MADONNA - EXPRESS YOURSELF  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3

VOL. 2

01. MADONNA - OVER AND OVER  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
02. MADONNA - INTO THE GROOVE  (Version Extended Remix 87').mp3
03. MADONNA - WHERE'S THE PARTY  (Version Extended Remix 87').mp3
04. MADONNA - GAMBLER  (Version Extended Club Mix).mp3
05. MADONNA - TRUE BLUE  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
06. MADONNA - HANKY PANKY  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
07. MADONNA - OPEN YOUR HEART  (Version Extended Club Mix) .mp3
08. MADONNA - LUCKY STAR  (Version Extended Club Mix).mp3
09. MADONNA - PHYSICAL ATTRACTION  (Version Extended Club Mix).mp3
10. MADONNA - EXPRESS YOURSELF  Version Extended Dub Mix).mp3

ADDED 10.03.2014.

Brian Ice - Inside My Lonely Nights 2014 (Dub version).mp3
Brian Ice - Inside My Lonely Nights 2014 (Soft version).mp3
Brian Ice - Inside My Lonely Nights 2014 (Strong version).mp3
Brian Ice - Inside My Lonely Nights 2014 (Vocal version).mp3
Dream Mode - Tonight In Love 2014.mp3
Energy Voice - Call Me 2014 (Radio mix).mp3
Italobox - Italo Forever 2014 (Radio version).mp3
Italon & DJ NIKOLAY-D - Italo Disco ( DJ NIKOLAY-D Remix 2014 ).mp3
Italover - Adventure Time (Radio Version) 2014 .mp3
Italover - Heartbeat (Original Version) 2014.mp3
Jaco (Ken Laszlo) - Hey Operator 2014 (Rum Version by Mention).mp3
Jaco (Ken Laszlo) - Hey Operator 2014 (Run Version by Mirko Hirsch).mp3
K.B.Caps... Non-Stop-Dance-Mix.mp3
Ken Martina - Memories (Magic Mix) 2014.mp3
Kristian Conde - Dolce Vita 2014.mp3
Lili & Sussie - Fly Fly Little Bird 2014.mp3
Lili & Sussie - Would You Be Mine 2014.mp3
Linda Jo Rizzo feat. Fancy - Stronger Together 2014.mp3
Tam Harrow - Idiot.mp3
Tam Harrow - Incredible.mp3
Luz Angela - Viernes de fiesta [Preview].mp3
Miko Mission - Universal Feeling 2014 (Vocal Version).mp3
Raylo - California O.K. 2014.mp3
Siberian Heat - Dont Stop The Music 2014 (ZYX maxi version).mp3
Sisley Ferre & Attack-Megamix.mp3
Tear for fears - Pale shelter (Brayan Master Mix).mp3
Tina Jones - Be my Hero 2014.mp3
Van Der Koy - New Generation Vol 2 ( 2014 ).mp3
ZZ Ward - 365 days  2014 (Synthetic Dream Video Games Remix).mp3


1-Radiorama - Hey Hey (Vocal Version).mp3
2-Thomas Bainas feat Mari - Only with You.mp3
3-Casanova - Holiday (Love Mix).mp3
4-D White - All the Story is History.mp3
5-Bonfeel Electro Band - Digital Rain.mp3
6-All In Tune - Join This Fantasy With Me.mp3
7-Baby Baby - Voodoo Dollar.mp3
8-Interplanetic - Don't Be Scared.mp3
9-Split Mirrors-The Right Time (Let's Go Crazy Mix).mp3
10-Claudio Mingardi - Starman.mp3
11-Discobonus - Energy (Maxi).mp3
12-Lian Ross - Brother Louie (2014).mp3
13-Primadonna - Angel You (Club Mix).mp3
14-Time Machine feat. Albert One - Cold As Ice (dj a-b dub Version).mp3
15-Mode One - Queen Of My Heart.mp3
16-Enerjewel - Merry White Christmas.mp3
17-Gloria J. - Queen Of the Night.mp3
18-Trans-X - I Want To Be With You Tonight (Extended Version).mp3
19-Infinity Night - Imagination Pt1.mp3
20-Warren Bacall - Danger In Paradise.mp3
22-Total Toly - Oriental Acupunture.mp3
23-Samantha Gilles - Call Me.mp3
24-Tom Garrow - Forever And Ever.mp3

Kid Machine - First Contact  2014

A1. Kid Machine - My Universe.mp3
A2. Kid Machine - Astromance.mp3
B1. Kid Machine - Second Horizon.mp3
B2. Kid Machine - Forever In The Stars.mp3
C1. Kid Machine - Leaving Space.mp3
C2. Kid Machine - Nightmares.mp3
C3. Kid Machine - Galaxia.mp3
D1. Kid Machine - We Are At War.mp3
D2. Kid Machine - Starbreaker.mp3
D3. Kid Machine - Golden Triangle.mp3

ADDED 02.03.2014.

A Nonstop New Italo Disco Mixx 2014.mp3
Age Pee - When The Rain Begins To Fall 2014 (Video Mix).mp3
Alex Neo & DeepVoice - Don't Cry Tonight 2014.mp3
Bad Russian Boys - Goodbye Helene 2014.mp3
Boris Zhivago - Russian Girl (Kursk Mix).mp3
D.J. Savage - I Mad To Fly ( 2014 ).mp3
D.J. Savage - My Heart Belongs To You ( 2014 ).mp3
Dead Or Alive Mix 2014.mp3
Dj Skarley - Crazy Disco ( Original Mix) 2014.mp3
Dj Skarley - In Search Of My Dreams 2014.mp3
Dj Skarley - This Is Not (Original Mix) 2014.mp3
Future World Megamix ( Laser Vision ).mp3
Italobox - Italo Forever 2014 (Radio version) .mp3
Lian Ross & TQ - All We Need Is Love 2014.mp3
Lian Ross - Brother Louie 2014.mp3
Marc Eliow - One world one soul 2014 (instrumental version).mp3
Marc Eliow - Tanz mein engel tanz 2014.mp3
Nation In Blue - Open your heart (radio edit) 2014.mp3
Patrick Cowley Mix 2014.mp3
RiZoNe - Spacesynth Mix 2014.mp3
The Ultimate Fancy Mix 2014.mp3

Italover - Move Your Ass!!! (The Best Of) (2014)

01. Dreamland (Original Version) 2014.mp3
02. Trollface (Maxi Version).mp3
03. Northern Lights (Radio Version) 2014.mp3
04. Bad Kitty (Extended Version).mp3
05. Anna (Maxi Version).mp3
06. Girl In Love (Original Mix).mp3
07. Silent Sadness (Extended Version).mp3
08. Princess (Extended Version) 2014.mp3
09. You And Me (Radio Version).mp3
10. Sexy Boyfriend (Radio Edit).mp3
11. Sexplosion (Radio Version).mp3
12. Adventure Time (Radio Version) 2014.mp3
13. Fuck The European Union! (Album Mix).mp3
14. Only Time (80's Remix).mp3
15. Check This! (Original Version) 2014.mp3
16. Emo Boy (Unreleased Original Version'13).mp3
17. Heartbeat (Original Version) 2014.mp3
18. Italo Wave (Original Version).mp3
19. I Hate The Harlem Shake! (Album Version).mp3
20. Teddy Bear (2014 Remix).mp3

Silent Circle - The Original Maxi Singles Collection 2014

Silent Circle - Hide away - man is comin (special mix).mp3
Silent Circle - Touch in the night (crash version).mp3
Silent Circle - Stop the rain (12 version).mp3
Silent Circle - Love is just a word (reggae version).mp3
Silent Circle - Moonlight affair (12 version).mp3
Silent Circle - Time for love (super action mix).mp3
Silent Circle - Danger Danger (racing mix).mp3
Silent Circle - Oh dont lose your heart tonight (12 version).mp3
Silent Circle - I Am your believer (club version).mp3 Silent Circle - Forget the stranger (simple mix).mp3
Silent Circle - What a shame (masterbeat mix).mp3

ADDED 16.02.2014.

Angelico - On Fire (Rama Ultima Versione).mp3
Bjelle - Your my heart 2014 (Modern Talking cover).mp3
Casanova - Bella Donna (Extended BPM Mix).mp3
TQ Feat.Fancy - China Blue.mp3
Tom Garrow - Forever And Ever.mp3
Disco Digitale - Night Sky.mp3
Mflex Feat.Electric Youth - Make A Wish.mp3
D.White - All The Story Is History 2014.mp3
Debra Gaynor - Living Through Another Day ( Radio Mix).mp3
Gold Sequence - Iren ( Experimental 2014 ).mp3
Ken Martina - Goodbye (Euro Version).mp3
Lasertronik - Viber 2014.mp3
Maja - Tonight 2014 (LEI DISSE SI) (RE-EDIT VERSION).mp3
Mario Moretti - Rush.mp3
Modern Talking - Brother Louie (Kobi Ben Haim 2014 Remix).mp3
Romantic - Italo Disco 2014.mp3
Tam Harrow - Idiot 2014.mp3
Time Mashine Feat.Albert One - Cold As Ice 2014 (DJ AB Dub Version).mp3
Tom Hooker & Elastic Band - Illusions 2014 (80s remix).mp3

Atelier Folie - Leave Me Alone (Italoconnection Remix)

01.Leave Me Alone (Italoconnection Remix).mp3
02.Leave Me Alone (Original 1985 Version).mp3
03.Leave Me Alone (Flemming Dalum Remix).mp3
04.Leave Me Alone ('Lectric Workers Dub Rework).mp3
05.Leave Me Alone (Leo Mas & Fabrice Dub Mix).mp3
06.Leave Me Alone (Italoconnection Radio Edit).mp3

Italover - Dreamland (Mixtape) 2014

01. Dreamland (Single Version).mp3
02. Anna (Maxi Version).mp3
03. Check This! (Original Version).mp3
04. Heartbeat (Original Version).mp3
05. Princess (Extended Version).mp3
06. Adventure Time (Radio Version).mp3
07. Radio Mayak 202 (Sample).mp3


Time Mashine Feat.Albert One - Cold As Ice
Angelica Rose - My Love Is Always Forever
Bad Boys Blue - A World Without You (Jump StyleVideoMix2014).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Gimme Gimme Your Lovin(VideoMix2014).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Lonely Weekend(VideoMix2014).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Megamix 2014.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Pretty Young Girl(Videomix2014).mp3
Bad boys Blue - You are woman (Rimoff club mix).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman(Video Freestyle Mix2014).mp3
Fresh Fox & Marco Lessentin - Fieber der Nacht (2014).mp3
Fresh Fox & Marco Lessentin - Fieber der Nacht (Dj Master Traxx Extended Disco Fox Mix 2014).mp3
Gurcan Erdem & Marlena - My Love (M.D.Project mix).mp3
Holomatrix - Zero G.mp3
Marc Fruttero_ You'll Be Mine (Radio Edit).mp3
MarcelDeVan - Dreams from Space.mp3
MarcelDeVan - Fantasy In Space [ Adventure Edit ].mp3
MarcelDeVan - German Boot Mix 2013.mp3
MarcelDeVan - MDV Boot Mix.mp3
Martinelli - Cenerentola (Video Mix 2014).mp3
Max Him & DJ NIKOLAY-D - Lady Fantasy (VideoMix2014).mp3
MFLEX feat. Blondfire - Where the kids are (italo connection edit).mp3
Miko Mission - Universe Of Feeling.mp3
Mode One - Queen of my Heart (Dj Master Traxx Extended Italo Mix 2014).mp3
Modern Talking - Jet airliner (2014 Remix).mp3
Novaspace - Dancing Into Danger (VideoMix2014).mp3
Tina Jones - Be My Hero 2014.mp3

V.A. - 80's Workout Greatest Hits

01.Kikka - Gloria.mp3
02.Trancemission - Video Killed The Radio Star.mp3
03.Wildside - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now.mp3
04.Dj Space's - You Spin Me Round.mp3
05.Sheldon - Total Eclipse Of The Heart.mp3
06.East End - I Cant Go For That.mp3
07.Radiorama - You Came.mp3
08.Cyber Funk - Somebody's Watching Me.mp3
09.Axel Force - Dont You Forget About Me.mp3
10.Purple Beat - Loverboy.mp3
11.DJ Hush - Ghostbusters.mp3
12.DJ Hush - Owner Of A Lonely Heart.mp3
13.DJ Space't - She Drives Me Crazy.mp3
14.T-Zone - This Time I Know It's For Real.mp3
15.Bandido - Tarzan Boy.mp3
16.Lawrence - Send Me An Angel.mp3
17.DJ Space't - One Night In Bangkok.mp3
18.Kikka - Heaven Is A Place On Earth.mp3
19.Level Eleven - Two Of Hearts.mp3
20.In.Deep - Open Your Heart.mp3
21.DJ Kee - Self Control.mp3
22.Thomas - Together In Electric Dreams.mp3
23.Purple Beat - Thriller.mp3
24.Trancemission - Always On My Mind.mp3
25.Axel Force - Dont Stop Believin'.mp3
26.East End - Tainded Love.mp3
27.A.Kay B.J. - Locomotion.mp3
28.DJ Kee - Shout.mp3
29.Lawrence - Maniac.mp3
30.TK - Holding Out For A Hero.mp3

Italove feat. Ken Laszlo - Disco Queen (The Remixes)

01-Disco Queen.mp3   
02-Disco Queen (Moderno Remix).mp3
03-Disco Queen (Flashback Remix).mp3  
04-Disco Queen (Atebyte Remix).mp3

Guilner - Tid Bits 2014

Guilner-Tid Bits (Eyan & Parakord Remix).mp3
Guilner-Tid Bits (Nicko Marineli Remix).mp3
Guilner-Tid Bits (Original Mix).mp3

ADDED 13.01.2014.

Italo Disco Beat Fantastic Mix Vol.4  2014 (Mixed by Radio CLUB037 - Serbia).mp3
Marko Rochowski - Sixx Pack Mixx.mp3
Tommy Sun - Sixx Pack Mixx.mp3
Alan Brando Project - The New Generation Of Italo Disco.mp3
SZMC - Nonstop Mix.mp3
Mike Danger - Crazy ( DG Max Full Power Mix ) 2014.mp3
Van Der Koy - Digimax Remixes .mp3
Paul Parker - Alex NRG Medley.mp3
Paul Parker - Alex DANCE Medley.mp3

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