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JAN 2011

23rd Underpass - Sometimes @ You'll Never Know Mix.mp3
A.M.Samurai vs Codigoro - Secret Entrance 2011.mp3
Alan Cook - Bad Dreams 2011.mp3
Alan Cook - Do You Want To Stay 2011.mp3
Albert One - Stay 2010 (Dandeej and Roberto forti mix.mp3
Bad Boys Blue Megamix 2010 (DJ_BNY Instrumental Edit).mp3
Bad Boys Blue Megamix 2010 (DJ_BNY RMX Edit).mp3
Blue System - I Want To Be Your Brother 2011 (DJ Modern Max Voice Techno Remix ).mp3
Closed - Living In Your Eyes 2011.mp3
DIAMOND RAIN Feat DARYIA - Heal My Lonely Heart 2011 (Maxi Version).mp3
Disco Computer Mix Gold 2010.mp3
DJ Alex Mix - Disco De Oro 3 (2011).mp3
DJ Patru - Bizarro Mix vol.16  2010.mp3
DJ Patru - Bizarro Mix vol.17.mp3
DJ TONO - Born To Mix Vol.4 2011.mp3
Flexx - Theme From Deep ( 2010 Rework ).mp3
Fred Ventura - Theme from deep 2010 (Alden Tyrell rework).mp3
Galaxyon - Synthetiseur 2010.mp3
Hands Magic - Navidad 2010.mp3
Jessica Jay - Casablanca(2010 latino dance mix).mp3
Joy - Touch By Touch 2011 (3Select Mix).mp3
Juan Martinez - Hey Little Girl 2011.mp3
Karol Project - Welcome to Rimini 2011.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Tonight 2011.mp3
Magic Studio - Flash in the dark 2010.mp3
Magic System - Love Me Again 2010.mp3
Magic System DJ - I Wanna Tough Your Body Now 2010 (maxi).mp3
MARCO ROCHOWSKI - The Laser Beat Megamix 2011.mp3
Marius M.21 & Newtalo - Christmas Time (2010).mp3
Marius M.21 MegaMix 2011 (Mixed by Patrick_Dj's).mp3
Mikrofisch - Disco Fantasy 2011.mp3
Mikrofisch - Mauro Farina 2011 (Pump the subharmonics).mp3
Mirko Hirsch - Best Of Friends ( Instrumental ).mp3
Mirko Hirsch - Best Of Friends.mp3
Mirko Hirsch - Love Hurts ( Instrumental ).mp3
Mirko Hirsch - Obsession 2010 (MAXI).mp3
Mirko Hirsch - Obsession Album Megamix (2011).mp3
Mirko Hirsch - Obsession Mix 2011.mp3
Mirko Hirsch vs Codigoro - Obsession 2011 (Demo Premix).mp3
Mode One - I Will Never Say Goodbye ('vinyl' MAXI ''Single 2010'' MIX).mp3
Mode One - Lost In My Dream 2010.mp3
Moving Heroes - You're My Heart, You're My Soul 2010.mp3
MS Project feat. Ryan Paris - Dolce vita 2011 (XXL remix edit).mp3
No Tengo Tiempo Mix 2011 (MIXED BY ITALO CORK).mp3
Norman - Let's Go To The Beach 2011.mp3
Retronic Voice - Mega Hitmix 2010.mp3
Salta & Roma - Space cruising 2010 (Rayko remix).mp3
Saray - Jungle In My Heart 2011.mp3
Savage - And You Are  2010 (Extended).mp3
Savage - And You Are 2010.mp3
Savage - Grand Mixage [2011].mp3
Siberian Heat - Sorry 2011 (maxi 99 mix).mp3
Silver Pozzoli - Around my dream 2011 (Casere remix).mp3
Tobias Bernstrup feat. O. Looven - Power Windows (Italo-Synth 2010).mp3
Trans X - I Want To Be With You Tonight (DJone 2011 edit).MP3

FEB 2011

Air Castles - This Is Our Night 2011 (Extended Version).mp3
Antonis WolfBack - Panic Attack 2011.mp3
BOBBY O -  A Time To Live 2011.mp3
BOBBY O - Broken World 2011.mp3
BOBBY O - Dress Up Girls 2011.mp3
BOBBY O - Girls In Video 2010.mp3
BOBBY O - Identity Energy with Chicky B 2011.mp3
Codigoro - Galaxy Dream 2011 (Rebuild mix).mp3
Danuta - Touch my heart (MIX 2011).mp3
DJ ITalo - Italo Medley Mix 2011.mp3
DJ Marcos - Italo disco set mix 2011.mp3
DJoOne - Italo Diamonds Mix Vol.1 (2011).MP3
Doctor Disco mix 2011.mp3
Fair Control - Symphony of Love 2011 (WolfBack's Remix).mp3
Focus - My Lady Tonight.mp3
Galaxy Hunter - My Cinderella 2011 .mp3
Happy Italo Disco Year - Italo disco mix (2011).mp3
Lian Ross - Say You'll Never (GAY Rainbow Remxi 2011).mp3
Magic Studio - Flash In The Dark 2011.mp3
Mark Ashley - Cinderella's Heart 2011 (Special Dancefloor Remix).mp3
Mikrofisch feat.Codigoro - Mauro Farina 2011 (endless).mp3
Modern Talking - Do you wanna (remix dj barsa 2011).mp3
Modern Talking - Doctor for my heart 2011 (Club version).mp3
Modern Talking - Megamix 2011.mp3
Patty Ryan - You're My Love You're My Life (GAY E.T Contact Remix 2011).mp3
Paul Shaun - People from Ibiza 2011.mp3
Radiorama - Vampires (GAY True Blood Remix 2011).mp3
Re-v-er - Only you and me 2011.mp3
Rudy & Co - Play the Game 2011(7600 Remix).mp3
Silent Circle - Touch In The Night ( New Demo Remix 2011 ).mp3
Silent Circle - Touch In The Night (Remix 2011).mp3
Soul Black - Youre mine (original mix 2011).wav
Spagna - I Wanna Be Your Wife (GAY Ritual Remix 2011).mp3
Stars On 45 - Stars on 45 (Remix 2011).mp3
Stars On 45 - Stars on 45 2011 (Olav Basoski Remix) .mp3
The New Wave Of Italo Disco (Reborn Mix) Vol.3  2011.mp3
23rd Underpass - Tonight 2011 (Extended Version).mp3
Alex Mix - Italo Disco Mix 4 (Special Edition) (2011).mp3
Ali Love - Moscow Girl 2011 (Extended Mix).mp3
Alisha - Do You Dream About Me 2011 (GAY Morpheus Remix).mp3
Andy Andress -  Midnight Lady (2010).mp3
Bandido - Tarzan boy 2011 (The Factory team version).mp3
C.C.Catch - Spirit 2010 (Masby Music Beats).mp3
C.C.Catch - You are my world 2011 (extended mix).mp3
C.C.Catch - You are my world 2011 (Single).mp3
Caesar feat Ibo - Schwarze Rose 2011 (Eurodisco Remix).mp3
Chito - Call Me, Baby 2011.mp3
Chris Norman - Hunters of the Night (Dj Master Traxx Extended Long Version 2010).mp3
Codigoro - Code Uno 2011.mp3
Codigoro - Game 2011 (musichunter mix).mp3
Codigoro - Mirko crazy mix 2011.mp3
Codigoro - Unvoice Spirit 2011.mp3
Codigoro Feat. Javiera Mena - Complejo de Amor (Ex Digimax remix).mp3
Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart (Dj Oz The Extended Vocal Mix 2011).mp3
Diamond Rain - Heal my Lonely Heart (new italo disco 2010).mp4
Discobonus - Tonight 2011.mp3
Discobonus- Land Of Cry And Fun 2010.mp3
DJ DDEE  - Italo Disco Mix 1  2011.mp3
DJ Echenique - Back To The 80s Mix [2011].mp3
Ergrover - Space Cop 2011.mp3
F.R. David - Words (Dnc Rmx 2011).mp3
Fancy - The 25th Anniversary Megamix 2011.mp3
For New Generation Italo Disco mix part1  2011.mp3
Fun Fun - Colour my love 2011 (remix).mp3
Galaxy Hunter - Stay Late With Me Tonight 2011.mp3
Hands Magic - Enero 2011 (Welcome 2011).mp3
Ibo - Schwarze Rose 2011 (Album Version Mix).mp3
Ibo - Schwarze Rose 2011 (Maxi Mix).mp3
Italo Dance Night Mix 2011 (Mixed by DJ Miki).mp3
Italo Disco Megamix Vol.3  2011 (Mixed By Zlaja).mp3
[Italo Disco Memorable Hihg Energy Mix' 2011]
Italo Mix Volume 1 2011 (Mixed By Dj George).mp3
Italo4ever Feat.Monte Kristo - Lady Valentine 2011.wav
Italove Disco Mix 2011 (Produccion Dj. Jorge Vazquez).mp3
Jacqueline - Sascha (2011).mp3
Jan Schipper - Code talkers 2011.mp3
Joy - DJoy Mix (Mixed by I Altman 2010).mp3
Ken Laszlo feat Domino - Lets Get It Done Tonight 2011.mp3
Koto - Mind Machine (Dj Master Traxx Extended Machinery Mix).mp3
Koto vs Mc Mike G. - Visitors & Holliday rap 2011 (west mix) .mp3
Laser Dance - Cosmotron (Dj Master Traxx Extended Long Cosmos Mix).mp3
Laserdance - Goody`s Return (Return The Mix 2011).mp3
Lee Marrow - Mr.Fantasy (Dj Master Traxx Extended Fantastic Italo Mix).mp3
Lee Marrow - Mr.Fantasy (Dj Master Traxx Extended Resonance Dance Edition 2010).mp3
Lian Ross - Minnie The Moocher.mp3
Lian Ross - You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Extended Long Heart & Soul Mix) (DJ Master Traxx 2010).mp3
Marius M.21 - Romantic Avenue 2010.mp3
Mark Medlock - Why This Kiss 2011 (Eurodisco Version).mp3
Mirko Hirsch - For Milou - Open up your Heart (Version 2 - SAW style).mp3
MIRKO HIRSCH - Obsession Megamix 2011 Part 2.mp3
Mirko Hirsch - Tell me 2010.mp3
Mode One - Lost In My Dreams 2010 (maxi).mp3
Modern Talking - Down On My Knees (Club Remix).mp3
Modern Talking - Heaven Will Know 2011 (eurodisco album mix).mp3
Modern Talking - Just Like An Angel 2011 (eurodisco album mix).mp3
Modern Talking - Only Love Can Break My Heart 2011 (eurodisco album mix).mp3
Modern Talking - Princess Of The Night 2011 (eurodisco radio mix).mp3
Modern Talking feat. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal 2011 (Megajacko Gus-Mix).mp3
Mozzart - Money 2010 (Dj Master Traxx New Extended Love Money Mix 2010).mp3
Mr. Zivago - Little Russian (X-tended UltraTraxx Vs. Joci Dance Mix 2010).mp3
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok (Extended UltraTraxx Vita Mastermix 2010).mp3
Nadell - The Beat Is On 2011 (single).mp3
Numero Uno Old House Mix 2011 (Mixed by Kohl Uncle).mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind (DJ Partylover Remix 2011).mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Megamix  (Mix Madness 2011).mp3
Radiorama - Aliens (Dj Master Traxx Anohter Extended Invasion Mix).mp3
Radiorama - Aliens (Go Back To Live 2011).mp3
Radiorama - Vampires 2011 (Vj Crooks Video Remix).mp3
Retro Dance Megamix Vol.1  (Mixed by Dj Csabi 2011).mp3
Rose - Magic Carillon (Dj Masta Mix & Alex Dea Bootleg 2010).mp3
Ryan Simmons - The Night Is Yours, The Night Is Mine (Re-Extended Long Version 2011).mp3
Samara Boot Mix 4 2011 [Version discomix].mp3
Sandra - Secret Land 2010 (Dj AKW Remix).mp3
Sheree - Ronnie talk to Russia (Dj Master Traxx Special Extended Moscow Long Mix 2010).mp3
Silent Circle - Don't Ask Me Why (Dj Master Traxx Extended Maxi Mix 2010).mp3
Silent Circle - Moonlight Affair (Dj Master Traxx Remix Extended Version).mp3
Silent Circle - Oh Don't loose your Heart Tonight (Dj Master Traxx Special Maxi Long Version).mp3
Silent Circle - Touch in the Night (Dj Master Traxx New Extended Exclusive Remix).mp3
Silver Pozzoli - Around my dream 2010 (Casere remix).mp3
Soul Black - Youre mine (original mix 2011).wav
Squash Gang - Megamix 2011 (Mixed by Kohl Uncle).mp3
SYNTH MAGIC MEGAMIX 2011 (by SpaceAnthony) 2011.mp3
Synthetic Dream feat. Christine - Glazba koju volim (Demo).mp3
The Human League - Never Let Me Go 2011 (Italo Connection Remix).mp3
The Models - Lets Dance Megamix 2011.mp3
Tigran Petrosjan - Touch in the night 2011.mp3
Tom Hooker - Future Brain 2011.mp3
Vision - Everbody (Dj Master Traxx Special Long Italo Mix).mp3

MART 2011

Alex Mix - Feel The Energy (Morales Mix).mp3
Beachfront - Once In A Lifetime (Hi-NRG Clubbing Mix 2011).mp3
Caesar feat Ibo - Schwarze Rose 2011 (Eurodisco Remix).mp3
Codigoro - Obsession 2011 (Birthday Mix).mp3
Codigoro - Slow Brothers 2011.mp3
Codigoro Feat. Vision Talk - Flowers on the Moon_Demo mix_.mp3
Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart (Dj Oz The Extended Vocal Mix 2011).mp3
Diamond Rain - Day by day 2011 (maxi version).mp3
Discobonus - Let The Dream Forever.mp3
DiscoBonus - Stay With Me 2011.mp3
Discoservice - I Sing For Only You.mp3
Discoservice - Last Night.mp3
Discoservice - Love In Your Eyes.mp3
DJ Csabi - Retro Dance Megamix Vol.2  2011.mp3
DJ DDEE  - Italo Disco Mix 1  2011.mp3
DJ FIFA - The 80s Special Mix 2011.mp3
DJ Dada Cola - Mirko Hirsch Disco Mix 2011.mp3
Eddy Huntington - Honey Honey 2011 (Live).mp3
Eddy Huntington - Swiss boy 2011 (Live in Botta club. Helsinki. March 05).mp3
FLEMMING DALUM - Avventura All'Italiana.mp3
Harlem Nights - Oh Bobby 2011 (BOBBY O Tribute).mp3
Harlem Nights - Watch me Dance 2011.mp3
Ibo - Schwarze Rose 2011 (Album Version Mix).mp3
Ibo - Schwarze Rose 2011 (Maxi Mix).mp3
Italo Disco Megamix Vol.3  2011 (Mixed By Zlaja).mp3
Jacqueline - Sascha (2011).mp3
Magic Studio - Deja Vu 2011.mp3
Magic Studio - Explorer 2011.mp3
Magic Studio - Light Of This World 2011.mp3
Magic System - Irene (radio version).mp3
Marius M.21 - Romantic Avenue 2010.mp3
Mark Medlock - Why This Kiss 2011 (Eurodisco Version).mp3
Miko Mission - Live in Poland Show 2011.mp3
Miko Mission - Toc Toc Toc (Live in Stena Poland 2011).mp3
Modern Talking - You're The Lady Of My Heart 2011 (MariusM 21&Newtalo RMX'80s Instrumental).mp3
Modul Dream - Dreams Never Die 2011.mp3
Modul Dream - Give me hope 2011.mp3
Nadell - The Beat Is On 2011 (single).mp3
New Generation Italo Disco Mix Part 1  2011.mp3
New Generation Italo Disco MIx Part 2  2011.mp3
New Generation Italo Disco Mix Part 3  2011.mp3
Paul Parker - Out of Control 2011 (NRG Remix).mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind (DJ Partylover Remix 2011).mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Megamix  (Mix Madness 2011).mp3
Retro Dance Megamix Vol.1  (Mixed by Dj Csabi 2011).mp3
Ryan Simmons - The Night Is Yours, The Night Is Mine (Re-Extended Long Version 2011).mp3
Time - Shaker Shake 2011 (RMX).mp3
Tom Hooker - Change your mind (80's oriented remix) 2011.mp3
Tom Hooker - Change your mind (Dunda Dunda Fisamix) 2011.mp3
Tom Hooker - Change Your Mind (HAZE Version) 2011.mp3
Wolfram feat.Paul Parker - Out Of Control 2011.mp3

Joy - Girls (2011)

1. Joy - Japanese Girls (Album Mix).mp3
2. Joy - Japanese Girls (12'' Maxi Version).mp3
3. Joy - Korean Girls.mp3
4. Joy - Korean Girls (Instrumental).mp3
5. Joy - Chinese Girls.mp3
6. Joy - Korean Girls (Extended Long Version 2011).mp3
7. Joy - Retro Hits Megamix' 11.mp3

Mirko Hirsch - Obsession 2011


Miko Mission 2010 Let It Be Love (Maxi-Single)

01 - Miko_Mission_-_Let_it_be_love_(Savino_Mix).mp3
02 - Miko_Mission_-_Let_it_be_love_(Gino_Mix).mp3
03 - Miko_Mission_-_Let_it_be_love_(Original_Mix).mp3

APRIL  2011

80s Italo Disco Megamix (2011).mp3
Alex Mix - High Energy Mix 31  2011.mp3
Amanda Lear - Someone Else's Eyes 2010.mp3
Amanda Lear - Sorrow 2010.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Lady Blue (Sergey Static Remix 2011) 
Bad Boys Blue - Long Mix 2011.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Russian in my Eyes 2011 (Dj Master Traxx Maxi Long MS Project Version 2011).mp3
Blue System - Sorry Little Sarah (Dj Master Traxx DG New York Long Version 2011).mp3
C.C. Catch vs Modern Tracking-House Of Mystic Lights 2011 (DJ Modern Max Remix).mp3
Codigoro - Easter mix 2011.mp3
Codigoro - Heartbeat Mix.mp3
Codigoro - Nothing to be done 2011.mp3
Codigoro Feat.Alan Ross - Valentino Mon Amor 2011.mp3
Cyber Space - A world with friends 2011 .mp3
Cyber Space - Free my Body 2011 (Instrumental).mp3
Cyber Space - Future Star 2011.mp3
Discobonus - We Have A Dream 2011.mp3
DJ Amure - Helpless (rmx 2011).mp3
DJ Digimax - Italo Energy Dreams Mix 2011.mp3
DJ Digimax - Pure Energy Essentials Mix 2011 [HiNRG Edition].mp3
DJ Ripper - Discontinu Mix Vol.5  2011.mp3
DJ Serchy - Zero Zero 80' Mix 2011  Vol.04.mp3
DJ Starky - Clouds Mix.mp3
DJ Starky - Lunar Megamix.mp3
DJAmure - Germany 2011.mp3
Dj's Project - Midnight Boy (2011).mp3
Don Armando - Armageddon 2012 Space Synth Mix 2011 .mp3
Eddy Huntington - Honey Honey 2011.mp3
Ergrover - Galactik Canyon 2011.mp3
Ernesto - The Second Mission Meggamix 2011.mp3
FLEMMING DALUM - Empire State Of Italo Mix 2011.mp3
Gemix DJ - Mega Recuerdos 80s Mix  2011.mp3
Gina T. - Little Butterfly (2011 New Single).mp3
Joy - I'm In Love 2011 (Disco Revivl Mix).mp3
Kaposy feat Codigoro - Heartbeat mix.
Magic Studio - Magic Flowers 2011.mp3
Magic System - You are my fantasy 2011.mp3
Marcel De Van - Back To The Space (Synthleslie Very Good XTD Mix) .mp3
Marius M.21 - Tears For Japan (Original Edit 2011).mp3
Maxim Novitskiy - Shy like an angel (version 2011).mp3
Modern Talking -  You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Dj Master Traxx DG Dance Long Version 2011).mp3
Modern Talking - Brother Louie (Dj Bee Dj Anny Dee Remix 2011).mp3
Modern Talking - Do You Wanna 2011 (DJ Miv Remix 1).mp3
Modern Talking - Do You Wanna 2011 (DJ Miv Remix 2).mp3
Modo - With or without you 2011.mp3
Nightmare In The Space (by SpaceAnthony) (The Complete Mix) mp3.mp3
Olegris - Sea Glider 2011 (Variant One).mp3
Olegris - Sea Glider 2011 (Variant Two).mp3
Savage - Don't Cry Tonight (Alex Dea Edit 2011).MP3
Space Synth Mix from the World Exclusive 2011.mp3
Spacebirds - Earth Calling Mars 2011 (Long Album Version).mp3
Studio86 - Plenniki Nochi 2011.mp3
Synth Void - Starfire Megamix 2011 (by SpaceAnthony).mp3
Thomas Anders - After Your Love Is Gone (2011 Club Version DJ ModerNator).mp3
Wojtekopole Track Mix 2011 (mixed by SpaceAnthony).mp3


01. Evgene Ikonnikov - Touch In The Night (Promo Italo Synt).mp3
02. Spacebirds - Fantastic Voyage.mp3
03. Nuvo Rich - Saffron.mp3
04. Spacebot - Travelling through dimensions.mp3
05. Prodomo - Mountain Scenery.mp3
06. Super Lavaggio - Splendore.mp3
07. Italo4ever - Distant Galaxy.mp3
08. Simulate - Simulator.mp3
09. Gurcaner - Non Located.mp3
10. SeaMoon - Outbackfrogz.mp3
11. Galactic Warriors - Space Patrol Orion.mp3
12. Synth Dimension - Digital Computer.mp3
13. Skyfox - Air Space.mp3
14. Galaxy Hunter - See You In Venice.mp3
15. A.N.G.E.L. & Mr. Stella - Immaginando te.mp3

MAJ 2011

1 St Heavenue - Take Your Chance (Radio Edit).mp3
Alex Mix - Future Vision Mix.mp3
Alex Mix - High Energy Mix 31 (Special Edition).mp3
Al‰x Fl‰cha - I Love Maggie (Original Last Chance Mix).mp3
BOBBY O - Lost Cause (2011 New Release).mp3
BOBBY O - When The Right One Comes Along (2011 New Release).mp3
Boney M. - 6 Years Of Boney M. Hits (Boney M. On 45).mp3
Boney M. - Hit-Mix 2011.mp3
Boney M. Mega Mashup Mix - Medley vs. No Mercy, Eruption, La Bouche.mp3
C.C.Catch - Stop - Draggin' My Heart Around (Fucking Heart Apollo Mix) (2011).mp3
Codigoro - Sophistical mix.
Dennis Balden - Princess Of The Night 2011 (Radio Mix).mp3
Diamonds spaguetti mix by dj Jam 2011.mp3
Discobonus - Let me dream forever 2011.mp3
Discobonus - Race In Uncertainty 2011 (Maxi  Remix).mp3
DisKatch - Tonight 2011 (Moving Mix).mp3
DJ Larry & DJ Son - La Cosa Nostra Mix.5  2011.mp3
DJ Larry & DJ Son - La Cosa Nostra Mix.5  2011.mp3.sfk
DJ Salvo - Italo Total Mix Vol.10  2011.mp3
DJAmure - True love can free you 2011 (remix).mp3
H.N.D.A - I Work Out 2011 (Scream & Shout) (Special Instrumental Maxi Version).mp3
High Energy Mix Vol.2 2011.mp3
Italo Cork-Dance Smash Italo Mix 2011 vol.2.mp3
Italo Mix Vol.1 By Dj George 2011.mp3
Johnny M5 - A Part Of Energy (Extended Mix).mp3
Johnny M5 - Space Wanderer (Extended Mix).mp3
Johnny M5 - War & Peace.mp3
Koto - Dragon's Legend 2011 (Club Mix).mp3
Loopside - File of Love 2011 (Vocal Version).mp3
Los Masbus K2 Mix 2011 (Vol.2).mp3
Los Masbus K2 Mix 2011 (Vol.2).mp3.sfk
Retronic Voice - The Exclusive Megamix 2011.mp3
Stefano Prada - Words 2011 (original edit).mp3
T.M.Joy - Open Your Heart (New Version 2011) .mp3
The Force - Video Center 2011.mp3
Thomas Anders - Gigolo 2011.mp3
Thomas Anders - My Lonely Girl 2011(Disco Version).mp3
Tom Hooker - Faire La Foire 2011.mp3
Vision Talk - The Loner 2011.mp3
Vision Talk - The Zone of Silence 2011.mp3
Alex Mix - SpaceSynth Megamix 1.0.mp3
Armando Ferro - See You In Venice 2011 (Remix).mp3
Bobby O - Freedom Is Only A Word (2011 New Release).mp3
Bobby O - Somebody 2011 (Long Version - The Beautiful Divine Mix).mp3
Codigoro - Mirko and Miko megamix 2011.mp3
DiscoBonus - Flames of love 2011 (long mix).mp3
DJAmure - Man to man 2011.mp3
Factory Team Xrx - Euro Disco Special Mix.mp3
Fancy - Moscow is calling 2011 (Discobonus remix).mp3
Fred Ventura - Without you 2011.mp3
Lee Marrow - Medley Megamix 2011.mp3
Magic Studio - Final megamix 2011.mp3
Miko Mission - Let it be love 2011(DJ.Tomix Italo Remix).mp3
Mr. Huth - Zeigst Du Mir Deins (Gotta Go Home) (2011).mp3
T.M.Joy - Tell Me Why 2011 (Album Edit).mp3
Thomas Anders - Turn Around 2011 (80's Version).mp3
Thomas Anders - Turn Around 2011 (Disco Version).mp3
Vision Talk - Unlike 2011 (Extended).mp3
Vision Talk - Unlike 2011 (Parralox its a Sinita's remix).mp3
Vision Talk - Unlike 2011 (Radio version).mp3

JUN 2011

Arnulfo Valles Ft. Libia Dj Star - Ragazzo (Vinil Radio  Version 2011).mp3
CARLO SIMULA - Magic Waves 5th Birthday Mix.mp3
Casionova - Italo After Dark Mix.mp3
Diamond Rain - Hurricane (Demo).mp3
Dj Juan Malagon - Dime Que Me Amas ( Vinil Radio  Version 2011 ).mp3
Elen Cora - Tell me why (sentimental version) 2011.mp3
Elen Cora - Tell me why 2011.mp3
Flemming Dalum - The Other Side Of Italo Mix 2011.mp3
Glasses - Fall in Love Again (Extended Version).mp3
HNDA - I Work Out (Special Maxi Version).mp3
Kaposy_feat_Codigoro_-_All_the_night 2011 (Extended_Dream_mix)
Klub 80 Mix Session 2011 (Version A).mp3
Magic Studio - Final megamix 2011.mp3
Magic Studio - Heavens Song 2011.mp3
Mark Ashley - Cinderella's Heart 2011 (Special Dancefloor Remix).mp3
Mark Ashley - Luckystar 2011 (New Version).mp3
Mark Ashley - Tango in the Night 2011 (Radioversion).mp3
Riccardo Campa - The Italian Way 2011 (Promo Album Megamix).mp3
Systems_In_Blue_-_Le_Vent Ma Dit 2011.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Blue Moon 2011 (A Fu Super Remix).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Youre a woman (Dj Mix 2011).mp3
C.C.Catch - Cause You Are Young 2011 (Remix).mp3
C.C.Catch - One Nights Not Enough 2011.mp3
C.C.Catch - Stay 2011.mp3
Dennis Balden - Princess Of The Night (Extended Version).mp3
Diamond Rain - Follow The Rainbow.mp3
Diamond Rain - L.Ross Nostalgie.mp3
Diamond Rain - Moonlight Dancer.mp3
Final DJs - Nightflies 2011.mp3
Fred Ventura & Sally Shapiro - Alice 2011.mp3
Gazebo - Queen of Burlesque.mp3
Italo Disco Pandemic Mix 2011 (A Side).mp3
London Boys - Im Gonna Give My Heart 2011 (A Fu Super Remix).mp3
Max Mix The Return Vol.3  2011 (Drunk Alien Version).mp3
Miko Mission - Let It Be Love (Miko-Bit Remix) 2011.mp3
Modul Dream - When I look in your eyes.mp3
Modul Dream - You have left and have broken to me heart.mp3
Nikita Fomin - Stranger 2011 [extended version].mp3
Plazma - Angel Of Snow (Radio Edit) (2011).mp3
Revance - I Wanna Dance with you (Discowave remix).wav
Sarah - Tokyo Town (London Boys remix).mp3
Synthmagik - Together (Discowave remix)

JUL 2011

Albert One - For Your Love (Rob Adams Remix 2011).mp3
Alexander Robotnick - Hot summer lazzy mix 2011.mp3
Anders & Fahrenkrog - Gigolo (UltraTraxx Space Mix).mp3
Beat of Paradise - You and Me 2011.mp3
Brian Ice - Talking to the night 2011 (extended mix).mp3
Closed - You Give Me The Reason 2011.mp3
Cyber Space - Stop 2011 (Get on the dance floor).mp3
Daria Kinzer - Celebrate 2011 (Italo Melody Remix).mp3
Den Harrow - Mad Desire 2011 (Remix).mp3
Digital Max - Cosmic Haze 2011.mp3
Discobonus - Will you 2011.mp3
Discowave - Sing with me my song (Tonight) 2011.mp3
DJ Jhon - That's Wonder Years 2011 (100 Italo Legends Megamix).mp3
DJ Jhon - That's Wonder Years Ken Mix 2011.mp3
DJ Jhon - That's Wonder Years Ken Mix 2011.mp3.sfk
Dyva - Harsh wind 2011.mp3
Italo Diamonds Mix Vol.2 (2011).mp3
Italove - L'amour 2011.mp3
Italove - Soldiers of love 2011.mp3
Italove - Strangers in the night 2011.mp3
Ladloo - I Would Run Away 2011 (Album Version).mp3
Mikro - World In My Eyes 2011 (Dj Baltacha Vision Mix).mp3
MusicLady & AeroCool - A Csillagok k”z‚ 2011 (Extended).mp3
MusicLady & AeroCool - A csillagok K”z‚ 2011 (Radio Edit).mp3
NEON G - Don't Turn Away 2011.mp3
NEON G - Eh Ooh! 2011 (vocal mix).mp3
NEON G - I Close My Eyes 2011 (vocal mix).mp3
Riccardo Campa - Aurora 2011.mp3
Siberian heat - Just say hello ( 2011 ).mp3
Susan Bee - Take my life 2011 (original_pop_dance_mix).mp3
Tony Caso - All The Love In My Heart 2011 (The Heart`s Divided Remix).mp3

AVGUST  2011

Analog & Digital  Space Mix 2011 .mp3
Avant Garde - The 2nd Tribute to a Jet Airliner (Totally Different Remix 2011).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - A Bridge Of Heartaches 2011 (Live).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Blue Moon 2011 (A Fu Super Remix).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Show Me The Way 2011 (Live).mp3
Blue System - My Bed is Too Big 2011 (Justyns Sexy Version).mp3
C.C.Catch - Good Guys Only Win In Movies 2011 (D.J. Guztero Sax Radio Remix).mp3
C.C.Catch - One Nights Not Enough 2011.mp3
C.C.Catch - Stay 2011.mp3
C.C.Catch - Strangers By Night 2011 (J.Homeboy instrumental rework).mp3
Chris Norman - In The Mix (2011).mp3
Closed - I wanna hear you saying 2011 (Single Version).mp3
Cyber Space - Hotsound Megamix Volume 1.mp3
Cyber Space feat.Jeannette - United in the Rainbow 2011 (Vocoder Remix).mp3
DandyMan Italo Mix.mp3
Discobonus - Follow Me 2011 (Maxi).mp3
Discobonus - Follow Me 2011 (Radio edit).mp3
Discobonus - Up & Down 2011.mp3
Djaming - DiscoBreaks 80's Vol. 1.mp3
Djaming - Grandmaster 80's Party Vol. 2.mp3
Elen Cora - Over Time 2011 (Dj Baltacha Remix).mp3
ItaloDiscoMix 2011 (by FB-project Germany).mp3
Johnny M5 - Flames Of Love 2011 (Extended UltraTraxx Retro Fox Mix).mp3
Joy - Back To The 80's 2011.mp3
Joy - Valerie 2011.mp3
Marius M.21 - Power Energy (2011).mp3
Miss Chantal - Sommer in Maspalomas 2011.mp3
Modern Talking - Y.M.H.Y.M.S. 2011 (The Martini Effect Edit).mp3
Neon Game - Alone In The City 2011.mp3
Neon Game - America (Napoli mix)  2011.mp3
Neon Game - Beautiful Island  2011.mp3
Neon Game - Carrie I love you 2011.mp3
Neon Game - Fantasy Tonight  2010.mp3
Neon Game - Flying Through The Galaxy 2011.mp3
Neon Game - I'll be where i wanna be 2011.mp3
Neon Game feat Sebastian - Eres Todo Para Mˇ 2011.mp3
Radio Luksemburg - Ako nemam te 2011 (''Project Off remix'').mp3
Retro Synther - Around The Planet 2011 (Space Version).mp3
Rolf K”hler - Mega Mix (SIB Remix Version) (2011).mp3
Sandra - Maria Magdalena (Instrumental Mix) (2011).mp3
Silent Circle - Touch in the Night 2011 (Demo Remix).mp3
Space Guardian - SpaceSynth MegaMix (created by SpaceCsoky & Mixxi ) .mp3
Tiziana Rivale - Don't ask me if it's true 2011.mp3
Tiziana Rivale - Shouldn't wait any longer 2011.mp3
Tiziana Rivale - Show me that you care 2011.mp3
Colonia - Stranac (Italo Remix 2011).mp3
DJ Jhon # That's Wonder Years - Spagna Dance Minimix.mp3
Francesco Napoli & Laura del Conte - Baciami 2011.mp3
Francesco Napoli & Laura del Conte - Lucky Feeling 2011.mp3
Italo Cork - Dance Smash Italo Mix vol.6.mp3
Italo Disco 2011(Howard Bravo Remix)_2.mp3
Kim Wilde - Forever young 2011.mp3
Kim Wilde - To France 2011.mp3
Kim Wilde - Wonderful life 2011.mp3
Rygar - Modulation (Album Promo Mix by Martin Verlaan).mp3
Spiral - Without You [Nectarine Italo Edit 2011 v2].mp3

SEPT. 2011

Sally - Feel The Magic.mp3
Hotblade - Disconnected.mp3
Dyva - Joy.mp3
Italo Cork - Dance Smash Italo Mix vol.6.mp3
Retro Synther - Martians On Earth (Original version).mp3
trans x - I Want To Be With You Tonight.mp3
Trans x - How Long Last Love.mp3


Alex Mix - High Energy Mix 17 (Parte 1).mp3
Ann Lee - I Get The Feeling (Digimax HiNRG Remix).mp3
CHITO - Julia [Michael Nolen version].mp3
Clayback - Simply A Love Song.mp3
Diamond Rain - Hurricane 2011.mp3
Galactic Trans Megamix 2011 mp3.mp3
Galactic Warriors - Around the Planet 2011 (LD Cover).mp3
George Aaron - Russian Ladies 2011.mp3
Laser Dance Feat. Mindxpander - Tribute Mix 2011 .mp3
Lizzie Curious - New World Translation (Digimax Euro NRG Remix).mp3
Lui$ - D.J. Control 2011 (12'' Special Extended Remix) (Remix - The Sound of Music by F.A. r) (Vinyl).mp3
Pirates Of The Space - Jack Travels To Another World 2011.mp3
Queen Michi - All Or Nothing  ( Instrumental version ) 2011.mp3
Riccardo Campa - Cyborg Woman 2011 (Extended Version).mp3
The Daylite - Stop 2011 (Draggin' My Heart Around).mp3
Tom Hooker -  Change Your Mind 2011 ( Ricci Remix ).mp3
Trans-X - I'm Yours Tonight 2011.mp3
Trans-X - Imagination 2011.mp3


Bandido's Gang - Marinche (2011 The Home Edit).mp3
Cyber Space - Eat you up 2011 (Vocoder Radio Edit).mp3
Cyber Space - Eat you Up 2011 (Vocoder Version).mp3
Cyber Space - Memories of Love 2011 (The End).mp3
Digital Spaces - Digital Spaces 2011 ( Robotdisko remix).mp3
DJ Flashback - Dancing In The Night 2011.mp3
DJ's Project - Midnight Boy 2011.mp3
Double Love - Me and You 2011.mp3
Energy SS & Nina - Love And Desire 2011.mp3
Gurcan Erdem - It's a Game 2011.mp3
Italo HINRG Megamix 2011.mp3
Jennah - Paranoia 2011 (Instrumental Demo).mp3
Made Up Megamix 2011 Vol.2 (The Space Mix Edition).mp3
Marc Fruttero - Face 2011.mp3
MarcelDeVan - My dream to you 2011 [MaxiVersion].mp3
Master Voice - Master Mix 2011.mp3
Midlight Toon - Night Fleet (Synthleslie vs. Leroy 2011 Variazione).mp3
Mischka, Vodka, Perestroyka Mix' 2011.mp3
O - Mega - Music is Dancing 2011.mp3
Samantha Fox  - Nothings Gonna Dub Me Now 2011.mp3
Samantha Fox - Touch Me 2011 (AJ's Dance Instrumental).mp3
Samantha Fox - Touch Me 2011 (AJ's Dance Mix).mp3
Silent Circle - Dance Mix 2011.mp3.mp3
Sonik Proiect feat. Archos - System Lover 2011.mp3
Squash Gang - Hey You 2011 ( What's Coming On Along The Way )(Extended version).mp3
Squash Gang - In The Discotheque 2011 (unreleased version).mp3
Squash Gang - Italo Mix 2011.mp3
Tom Hooker - Bad Boy 2011.mp3
Tom Hooker - My banana 2011 (Filippo Ferrara 80's mix).mp3
Wol Vo - Forever 2011 (Italo connection Re Edit).mp3

The Home Of Synthesizer Dance vol 118

Alexka Y - Up And Out (Synthleslie and Leroy Version).mp3
Amok - X-Out Highscore (Synthleslie The Home Edit).mp3
Andreas Janke - Sonar Empire (Melodico Versione by L.& S.).mp3
Andy Gabriel - Galaxy Quest (Super 80's by Synthleslie Longer-Mix).mp3
Angelika Sound - This Is My Life (Leroy Different Version).mp3
Bandido's Gang - Marinche (2011 The Home Edit).mp3
Beatfanatic - Guide (Leroy Mix).mp3
Den Haan - Gods From Outer Space (Created Synthleslie).mp3
Ilya Santana - Involution (Short Cut The Home by Leroy).mp3
Ladeon - Tranced Hills (Transformed Synthleslie).mp3
Legowelt - The Hagues Disco Elite (Leroy ft. Syntleslie Version 2011).mp3
Luke Million - Octobussy Part II (Leroy Edit 2011).mp3
Mark Vera - Zero One A Zero Four (Elongated by Synthleslie).mp3
Midlight Toon - Night Fleet (Synthleslie vs. Leroy 2011 Variazione).mp3

V.A. - Star Hit, The Best Of 80s (New Version 2011)

01. Mamma Maria (Reloaded) .mp3
02. Buona Sera - Ciao Ciao (New Party Mix) .mp3
03. Boys (Summertime Love)  .mp3
04. Voyage, Voyage (International Radio Remix) .mp3
05. Felicita (New Version) .mp3
06. Living Next Door To Alice (New Version)  .mp3
07. Taxi (Moscow) .mp3
08. Maria Magdalena .mp3
09. Comment Ca Va  (New Version) .mp3
10. Tago Mago  (New Version) .mp3
11. House Of The Rising Sun  (New Version) .mp3
12. I've Been Thinking About You  (New Version) .mp3
13. Yes Sir, Ican Boogie  (New Version) .mp3
14. A Voice In The Dark  (New Version) .mp3
15. Russian Paradise  (Dance Version) .mp3
16. 25 Years .mp3
17. Desire (Remix) .mp3
18. Flash In The Night .mp3
19. Tarzan Boy .mp3


Aaron Dj - November 2011 (Italo & Euro Mix).mp3
Alex Mix - Diciembre 2011 (DEMO MIX).mp3
Carlos Gallardo Ft Lorena Gomez - Get It Up 2011 (Brayan Master Mix).mp3
Christmas Silent - Synthesizer Dance Mix 2011.mp3
Closed - You Never Say Goodbye 2011.mp3
Club037 Italo Disco Mix 2011 (Mixed by Dandy).mp3
Cyber Space - Hotsound Megamix Volume 2.mp3
Desireless - Me Voyagent 2011.mp3
Dirty Harry - Dirty Harry Mix 06 [2011].mp3
Discobonus - Do you want to live forever 2011.mp3
DJ Kosta - ItaloDisco Explosion Mix Vol.3  2011.mp3
Dyva - Harsh Wind (Duro Mix).mp3
Dyva - Harsh Wind (extended version).mp3
Erasure - Be with you 2011 (radio version).mp3
Galactic Warriors - Fields Of Glory 2011 (original version).mp3
Galactic Warriors - Fields of glory.mp3
Galactic Warriors - New Vision 2011 (original version).mp3
Galactic Warriors - New vision.mp3
George Michael - Every Other Lover 2011 [Kinky Roland Remix].mp3
George Michael - Every Other Lover 2011.mp3
Girly - Trouble (Onpoint Resentment Mix) 2011.mp3
Girly - Working Girl (One Way Love Affair) 2011 (Special Hi-NRG Dance ReMix).mp3
Gurcan Erdem - Voice Megamix 2011 (Maxi's Edition).mp3
Italo Mix Vol.IV (part II) 2011.mp3
Johan Agebj”rn - Alice (Feat. Fred Ventura & Sally Shapiro).mp3
Johan Agebj”rn - Watch The World Go By (ft. Lake Heartbeat_ Le Prix).mp3
Laservega - Hot Night Of Luna 2011.mp3
Marcel De Van - Flame of the Dance 2011 [ Maxi ].mp3
Marcel De Van - World of Dance 2011 [Piano Theme].mp3
MarcelDeVan - Secret Land.mp3
MarcelDeVan - Space Controller.mp3
MarcelDeVan - The Atmosphere (Relax Version).mp3
Marius M.21 - Moment Of Glory 2011.mp3
Marius M.21 - Only Chance Of Love 2011.mp3
Michael Jackson feat. Blue System - Bad (Is Too Big) 2011.mp3
Modern Talking - In 100 Years 2011 (Extended Disco Version).mp3
Modern Talking Megamix 2011 (Future Records).mp3
Modern Talking Megamix 2011 (Future Records).mp3.sfk
Modern Talking vs. Tag Team vs. Marvin Gaye vs. Vanilla Ice vs. Usher - Cheri Wohmp Ice Ice Yeah (Dj SeVen) (2011).mp3
Modul Dream - In the world of imaginations 2011 .mp3
Murray Head - One night in Bangkok 2011 (Vita retro remix).mp3
Ottawan - Hands Up (Dj Miv & Dj Hit Ural Full Remix 2011).mp3
Patricia Faber - Maria Magdalena (Single Mix) (2011).mp3
Patrick Miller - High Energy Super Mix 2011.mp3
Sabrina Salerno - Yeah Yeah 2011 (Deejay Doctor Remix).mp3
Stacey Q & French Affair - Two Sexy Hearts.mp3
SZMC - In My Dreams 2011 (Spacesynth version).mp3
SZMC - Looking For Love.mp3
SZMC - Velocity 2011 .mp3
The Daylite - Do I Love You 2011 (80s Disco Mix).mp3
Tyson - After You're Gone 2011 (Extended Mix).mp3


01. Galactic Warriors - Overdrive.mp3
02. Retronic Voice  - 911.mp3
03. Space Project - Alien Rebellion (Christmas Mix).mp3
04. Dreamtime - Under the Night Sky.mp3
05. Elen Cora - Tell me why.mp3
06. Synthesis - Mysterious Orbit.mp3
07. Mirko Hirsch - Queen of Ice.mp3
08. Axis Mundi feat Ella - Miracle.mp3
09. Synth Void - Birth Of An Alien.mp3
10. Neuton Mouse - Light Year.mp3
11. A.M. Samurai - The Things You Said.mp3
12. Mind Vision - Time Control.mp3


01. Marco Rochowski feat Jimmy Camaro - Every Day, Every Night.mp3
02. Galactic Warriors - Galaxy Empire.mp3
03. Alphawave - Santa's Dream.mp3
04. Galaxy Hunter - Secret Of Holy Grail.mp3
05. Staffan Ohman - Eclipse.mp3
06. Laserman - Unknown system.mp3
07. Riccardo Campa - ABC.mp3
08. Vanello - Stars Dreamers.mp3
09. Cyber Space - Lady In love (snow version2011).mp3
10. Vision Talk - Into Your Minds.mp3
11. Synthaurion - Distant Frontier.mp3

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